NBA Finals 2012: Game 2, ABC

Follow along with ESPN Front Row as we bring you the social media buzz surrounding ABC's coverage of Game 2 of the NBA Finals. [NOTE: Most recent postings at top. Read from bottom up for chronological order.]

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  1. Relief.
  2. yfrog Photo : Shared by jksports
  3. LeBron missed a 3 late, but hit his free throws when he needed to. (32 points, 12-12 FT)
  4. Ratings will likely support this astute observation.
  5. If you are one of "those" people ;) who still thinks college hoops is better than the NBA, turn on ABC. Unbelievable basketball being played right now!
  6. Certainly not required, @Benitaaa_, and we'd actually love to have you join us on ABC for #NBA FInals!!