2017 ESIP Summer Meeting

This is a recap of the 2017 ESIP Summer Meeting at Indiana University, Bloomington, IN. It does not come close to including everything that happened. #ESIPFed is a HUGE team effort - thanks to all who contributed!


  1. ESIP by the #'s:
    * Nearly 400 people participated with 278 people in person and another 119 that participated online
    * 86 First Timers in person
    * Over 200 people contributed sessions, talks or unconference sessions
    * 29 submissions to Research As Art
    * > 3800 years of data experience (as claimed by participants that registered)
  2. People started arriving on Sunday and Monday for pre-ESIP workshops (DataOne User Group, LTER IM's, Drones and HDF) that started on Monday and the meeting kick-off on Tuesday.
  3. Day one started with a quick welcome to get everyone oriented for the week ahead.

  4. ESIP Ambassadors: People who have been to ESIP a few times and are willing to answer questions. We also thanked our sponsors and shared a bit about our awesome lanyards!
  5. To help people find their 'herd' we had icons in every badge and attendees had to find their match to claim their meeting gift.
  6. We are grateful to Element84 for sponsoring lanyards this year. The lanyards are a more fun, cartoon style logo for the summer meeting, and all the images on the lanyard are earth observing technologies accurate on their way up from the Earth by height. So the name badge is the Earth, followed by a weather balloon, the ISS and an Astronaut outside, then Nimubus 1 and Aqua (next line), Then Terra and Explorer 1, up to the sun (next line); Goes-R, another Nimbus 1, MET-OP, SMOS (next line); then Landsat 7 and the NOAA ORION and a WP-3D on the other end.
  7. The rest of Day 1 was spent in workshops on everything from #scicomm to #HDF5 to NEXUS
  8. ESIP offers a unique opportunity to do usability testing from technical practitioners across the Earth science informatics community. NOAA OneStop and the RMap Project both colocated testing.