Valerie Strauss Pushes Dishonest Piece About Military Members and Education Savings Accounts

Valerie Strauss at The Washington Post is known for her unrelenting bias and she lived up to that reputation in publishing Carol Burris' wildly dishonest piece about Education Savings Accounts for military members. Here's a Twitter response from John Cooper of the Heritage Foundation.

  1. marine corp war memorial at dawn
    marine corp war memorial at dawn
  2. Here's the piece in question - it is a staggering and totally irresponsible headline considering that actual data that exists on the preferences military families.
  3. John Cooper responds to Strauss' piece in a series of tweets.
  4. Amen Mr. Cooper! It is hard enough to watch organized interests constantly working against improving schools and school options for America's students and families but to see them target military families by misrepresenting their views is really pretty gross. Every day they literally stand ready to sacrifice for all of us and we don't have the decency to make educating their children—who often move every three years—just a little bit easier. Shame on us if that's the case. To read another response to Burris, written by Lindsey Burke, see below.
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