#Tweetyourthesis: The First 48 Hours (A Curated Set)

This is a curated collection of tweets tagged with #tweetyourthesis, starting with the first one on Wed Jan 11 2012 22:43:40 and finishing on Fri Jan 13 23:59:44. I didn't include RTs, (most) meta comments or replies. Done by hand. Apologies if I missed your tweet.

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  1. You can read about the beginnings of #tweetyourthesis  in this post by Anne Welsh (Department of Information Studies/Centre for Digital Humanities, University College London) on the UCL DIS Students blog. Later, the 'Wired Campus' blog within the American web site The Chronicle of Higher Education published this post, titled You Can Summarize Your Thesis in a Tweet, but Should You? I posted my own observations on my HASTAC blog. Susan Greenberg, who was the first to tweet using the hashtag, posted The #tweetyourthesis story: from doodle to viral on the UCL DIS Students blog, and Dr Claire Warwick posted her version of the story on her own blog, #tweetyourthesis: elegant simplicity. Thanks for reading!