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Erin Elizabeth

i am not you average girl! i am a dork, musician, rockaholic, danceaholic, gameaholic, goth/metal girl! a science nerd, a guitar goddess, and over all freak! life is more fun that way! i support our troops but not the men who send them to war. our troops are our best and most honorable those who command them seem to be anything but. i am a transsexual woman. i had to go through hell and my own private war to become the woman i am and my fight to be accepted as the woman i am isn't over yet. but i will continue on and i will make it eventually. every day there are more and more transsexual woman success stories so there is still hope for us yet! the more society becomes educated to the realities of the struggle we face just to be seen as human the easier it bcomes for the barrier of fear hatred and intolerance become broken. then and only then can we truly be as we were intended to be: one race, one people,one love....... human!