Top Tweets & Highlights of 2015

It's December and Twitter's just shown me my top Tweets for the year. Pretty cool. Here they are by month. Some of these were "Top Tweets" and others were "Top Media Tweets," whatever that means. Anyway, I thought this looked like a cool way to capture the big picture of this year.


  1. January 2015
  2. I've had a lot of students in Public Policy Leadership go on into leadership positions in education. In Mississippi, most folks who want and believe in progress recognize that education must be a top priority here. This photo is the print version of AK Suggs's piece, which is online here.

  3. February 2015
  4. February was amazing. I was honored to receive the Mississippi Humanities Council's Humanities Scholar Award in their Public Humanities Awards program. They commissioned an artwork to serve as the plaque, which was beautiful.

  5. March 2015

  6. April 2015
  7. My PPL 370 class had the honor of a visit from Chancellor Dan Jones. He spoke about leadership and among other things what kind of values are worth losing one's job to preserve. We couldn't have had a clearer example of Plato's definition of courage. Impressions were very positive, such as in this nice Tweet from Joseph Duffy:

  8. May 2015

  9. June 2015
  10. I'm honored to be a member of the Editorial Board for The Public Philosophy Journal, which met in San Francisco in June. It was an inspiring meeting and the start of something big. The journal has a Twitter account too: @PubPhilJ.

  11. July 2015