Mistaken Identity

Or what happens on social media when reporters accidentally use your name when outing a NSA leak. My name is Eric Snowden, and I am not in Hong Kong.

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  1. Three days ago the NSA whistle blower was Eric Snowden, his name has since become Edward. He was married and lived in NSA accommodation, now he has supposedly left his girlfriend all bewildered and his/her home has been...amazing how much disinformation is being spread - even Avaaz is asking for support for Edward???!!! If we are going to support someone, let's at least get the facts straight.
  2. Sebastian de la Cruz sang the Star Spangled Banner, Eric Snowden spit on it
  3. I'm tired of self-absorbed Eric Snowden monopolizing the news. He's not a hero or a traitor; he's an attention-seeking spoiled brat and liar.
  4. With all the hubbub about PRISM, the NSA, and Eric Snowden, am I the only one thinking about "Snowden's secret" from Catch 22? There's gotta be a metaphor there somewhere.
  5. Who ever think what this jack ass Eric Snowden did as heroic than I say get the hell out of my country cuz straight up the guy is a TRAITOR and u know who believe him and call him a hero well u need to take ur monkey ass to the hospital and get ur head check...he has the names and locations of all our spy's and counterterrorism assets...if I was president I would find all his family members arrest them and let his bitch azz know they ain't going nowhere until u bring ur bitch azz home ill feed them fish and rice everyday..until his punk azz comes home so we can try his cowardly ass I would give him life in prison in which he will take big rocks and make them into smaller rocks.. Alan Layne Richard Cantu Bryan Spiritus Gretchen Williams
  6. Who's going to have more regrets: NSA leaker Eric Snowden or Dunkin' Donuts terror Taylor Chapman?
  7. Love the blind Eric Snowden love, hope it turns out this dude is spying for the Chinese government, is a repressed homosexual, and cheated on his taxes, that way all the people who are for the guy can realize that despite their hipster attitude they are indeed also wrong a good portion of the time. It isn't that hard, people make mistakes, the government does to, stop being the nation of "well... guess what they've been doing for over a decade and you where all completely fine with it until they rephrased the argument" and just start admitting decisions made in real time are never perfect, there are two tales to every story, and the truth is usually in between. Let's just move forward, you know that direct that everything in the universe always moves, actually funny thing about the Universe, it doesn't give a shit about the past, it's always moving forward. Think about that for a while then tell me about all your "knowledge of the past"