Not PhenQ really works?


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  2. Looking at the ingredients, it would seem that this supplement should indeed work, at least up to a certain point.

    The ingredients may not benefit all users, but most should notice improvements. Not because they are not effective, but because they are 100% natural. And this type of substances rarely produce the same results in all users.

    It is a health supplement, after all, and simply is not strong enough to affect each user in the same way.

    Some users are very sensitive to various ingredients, while others find it to be ineffective.

    Diet pills PhenQ Review 2017: Does it Really work?

    It is almost impossible to determine what effects as a mixture PhenQ will have more of a specific user, especially when current users are not sharing their experiences.

    The company behind PhenQ does not promise fast results and spectacular. In fact, it is clear that the results can vary between individuals, as is the case with all natural supplements.

    Some may notice the first changes within a few days, but others could only begin to lose weight after a month or even more time.

    The company claims that the majority of users reach their goal weight within a few months, but this could not be the case for those who carry a large amount of extra weight. And, of course, some users are not going to lose weight at all.

    This is a risk with all products to lose weight, so with greater frequency that each person has to try several products before you find the one that best suits your needs.

    However, even the users who respond very well to the ingredients of PhenQ will not get great results if you do not follow the recommendations of the company.

    The proper dosage is 2 tablets a day, one at breakfast and one at lunch. And if the user forgets to take one of the tablets during the day should not take it at dinner. These tablets are rich in caffeine, meaning that if they are consumed late that could cause insomnia.

    In addition, it should not be consumed in a higher dose. The caffeine, along with other ingredients, it can be dangerous when ingested in large amounts.

    Of course, because it is PhenQ s supplement and does not contain ingredients very powerful, it is still very safe.

    But even the substances that are 100% safe in normal circumstances can become a health risk when ingested in extreme amounts. It would be better if the users never exceeded the recommended dose.