Top 3 Reasons Why Veterans Find Employment So Difficult

by: Eric Owens


  1. The financial crisis just a few years ago made resounding impacts on the job market, and the prospect of another deep and painful recession have increased the urgency for job seekers everywhere to utilize social content and websites they create in order to find jobs.

    1. Cultural Division
  2. 2. Obsession with IT certifications
    Employers are increasingly requiring applicants to already have multiple certifications just to qualify for an interview much less the job. Certifications are very expensive both training for and testing for. Some tests which have to be taken at a testing center are upwards of $300.00 per exam. How many people have that kind of discretionary income.

  3. 3. Recruiters spinning the job seekers wheels
    Recruiters serve a purpose however many of them do not know how to read a resume nor do they clearly understand the jargon used on and IT resume. Many of them send out emails to potential candidates because they scanned their online resume for key words. They rarely ever say where they saw your resume nor do they put in the time needed to qualify you as the right person for what their client needs.