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Double Standard for Reporting Rape?

Let me preface this by giving the definition of sexual assault as per the Canadian Criminal Code: "forceful sexual contact without consent." Just to be clear, this can be anything the person did not give permission for and can include: anal sex, forced oral sex using objects, a pat on the bum, etc.


  1. Whatever happens with this case -- even if it ends up being a false report -- the reaction is absolutely disturbing. 
  2. It's reported that the man was given a ride, brought to a parking lot, and "sexually assaulted by all four suspects." The suspects are all described as white, five-foot-four and 190-200 pounds. 
  3. A comedian wastes no time in making light of the matter.
  4. Perhaps a sarcastic response. If not, it's troubling. 
  5. Here are some reactions from some more males. It seems consistent: that it's something to laugh and brag about.
  6. Some females seem to share the sentiment. 
  7. I don't know if THIS Jane Doe, knows about Toronto sex assault survivor Jane Doe. If not, I suggest she reads up on her. Here are some articles to start with.