The #CYMICRO Twitter Scavenger Hunt

University of Memphis journalism students went out to discover Cooper Young, Thursday, Jan. 30 with the help of a 15-question Scavenger hunt. Challenged to find at least 10 of the answers, it took two hours of wandering, confidence and conversation with strangers to complete the task.


  1. #11. Photo and quote of something you think people might not know about the Cooper Young Neighborhood: Jennifer Keane is a volunteer at the Memphis Gay and Lesbian Community Center located at 892 S. Cooper St., Memphis, TN, 38104. She said the MGLCC plans to outgrow their current building this year. 
  2. #15 Get a photo of an abandoned or empty house and tell where it is located. 
  3. #6 Talk to someone in a restaurant or a bar and find out who he/she thinks will win the Super Bowl and why. 
  4. Johnson's prediction did not come true as the Seattle Seahawks won Super Bowl XLVIII 43-8 against the Denver Broncos. 
  5. #13 Get a photo of a vinyl record and say where you found it. 
  6. #3 Get a photo of the inside of a churchand tell where it is. 
  7. #2 Get a comment and photo from someone doing hair or giving a haircut about the best part of his/her job. 
  8. #8 Find a resident of the neighborhood and ask him/her what is one question he/she would like to ask of Mayor AC Wharton (click the link for video): Jay Etkin is opening a new art gallery at 942 S. Cooper and said he wants Memphis Mayor AC Wharton to do a ribbon cutting for the space. 
  9. #4 Take a photo of your favorite street art or graffiti. Say where it is. 
  10. #5 Get a photo of a dog and find out from the owner the dog's name. 
  11. #1 Find the most interesting piece of lawn art and tell where it is located.