Aetna Denies Student Insurance 24 Hours Before Surgery; Pledges to Help on Twitter But Doesn't

Today, a real life example of social media marketing played out in front of our eyes as our friend Yael grappled with Aetna's social media team. Instead of Twitter empowering Aetna to deliver great customer service to Yael who had her surgery cancelled, they lied to her followers about helping.

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  1. This morning, Yael was found out she was denied coverage and spread the news over social media in an effort to get help.
  2. Yael's friends and followers responded with concern for her and outrage at Aetna
  3. A few people chimed in with some helpful advice on what assurances Yael should seek in her next contact with Aetna
  4. Aetna responded directly to Yael's concerned followers...
  5. ...But not to Yael herself. They weren't actually helping her
  6. The lesson?
  7. (The @mtbert he's referring to, oh, that's just Aetna's CEO)