1. Ended up doing a quick #19queries but hey, what's a few extra queries among friends, right?
  2. Was hoping to be gripped, riveted, damn near shaken by the need to request this book based on the query then found the sample pages bland and... grip-less.
  3. And I think the last vampire book I sold was four years ago.
  4. No sir, your work is not like Nabokov's Lolita nor is your fetishization of a female teacher seducing and having an affair with a female 15-year-old student is lesbian erotica. Your pages creeped me out and had I not been in public, I would have likely scrubbed my hands and laptop with holy water, rubbing alcohol and disinfectant.
  5. Angels and demons are becoming (if not already) the vampires and werewolves of the paranormal/supernatural genres. Say it with me: saturated market.
  6. True of YA and NA as well. If your work is a paranormal young adult featuring vampires and werewolves, it's likely to be rejected as the market is saturated with them. Also, if your PNR work can be likened to Twilight, do not query me with it.
  7. This one was tough because I thought about my time and where I could set some aside to work with the author to make the work ready for submission and ultimately decided, I don't have the time to do that right now. Sometimes, we hate having to say no.
  8. I could tell this was a work of the heart but the writing wasn't engaging from the get-go. I hope the author decides to hire a good freelance editor (with publishing industry background) to help polish this work.
  9. I love small town love stories! I hope this one continues to deliver on the adorable and awesome beyond the initial five pages.
  10. If I don't know what the genre is and you don't know what the genre is, how is the reader going to know where to find this book? If your query is just a personal resume or autobiography, I'm never going to know what the book is because I'm not inclined to read the sample pages.
  11. Please let the rest of the partial be good! *fingers crossed*
  12. Say it with me, people: Saritza is looking for romance. Romance. Romance. Romance. If you're not sure if it's a romance, it's likely not a romance so don't send it to me.
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