MICROWAVE AND OVEN BAG - Self Venting Bag to keep you on the go!


  1. My daughter and I always enjoy hanging out at the kitchen during weekends. We keep it as our most treasured bonding moments as mom and daughter. Cooking our favorite dishes is all we want to do especially during special occasions. We have a lot of kitchen tools, utensils and recipes to share which we find very useful to everyone.
  2. I found this amazing product which is keeping our cooking experience so easy and safe. It’s the MICROWAVE AND OVEN BAG - Self Venting Bag that is very consumer-friendly and easy to use. It is a great help to us as there are times when we need to rush due to our busy schedules.
  3. This MICROWAVE AND OVEN BAG - Self Venting Bag is made of the finest packaging material that is safe and convenient to use. It comes with a self-ventilating feature that allows food to heat while sealed in a bag whether you are using a microwave or an oven to cook.
  4. MICROWAVE AND OVEN BAG - Self Venting Bag allows you to heat your food straight from its original pack may it be frozen or chilled. As you can see, it lessens the burden of transferring it from the pack to another tray or microwavable container. It also enhances the natural flavor of the food when cooked since it is heated but sealed thus keeping the juice and sauce inside. It’s also flexible, you can use it along to heat up meat, fish, and vegetables.
  5. It really makes our lives easy and convenient while saving time and money. So, to all the moms out there, you should try using this one now. Enjoy cooking!