CANADA’S CLIMATE CHANGE JOURNEY: We have come a long way!

Canada has come a long way when it comes to climate change. No road is perfect and that is why the bumps along the way make a challenge so rewarding in the end.


  1. In November 2015, the Government of Canada took the first steps on a long journey to build a better future for all Canadians. At the First Ministers Meeting in Ottawa, Ontario, top scientists and experts advised Prime Minister Trudeau and First Ministers on climate change science. #CdnScienceTalk
  2. #COP21 was the second stop on the climate change journey. Canada was at the negotiation table and ready to be actively taking part in working on the international stage to address climate change.
  3. #COP21 Vlogs with Catherine McKenna: COP21
  4. The conference results in Canada and 194 other countries reaching the Paris Agreement, an ambitious and balanced agreement to address climate change. With provinces and territories, Indigenous leaders, representatives from municipalities, civil society, youth, and business, Canada is united in its commitment to the global effort to address climate change.
  5. While momentum was built in Paris, it was really just the beginning. Back in Canada, the Environment Ministers’ Meeting gathered federal, provincial and territorial governments to work together on a Canadian plan to address climate change. The discussion centered on economic opportunities, means of reducing emissions, and the importance of technological innovation, public engagement, carbon pricing, and adapting to the effects of climate change.
  6. Following the Environment Ministers’ Meeting, Prime Minister Trudeau met with his provincial and territorial counterparts within 90 days of the Paris climate conference. The First Ministers succeeded in setting up the elements that will lead to the Canadian plan to address climate change; they outlined the vision and principles that will guide federal, provincial and territorial governments in moving towards sustainable and clean economic growth.