WorldCon 75

Live tweets and more from a convention in Helsinki, Finland, 9-14 August 2017.


  1. I survived -- nay, I enjoyed -- the biggest con I've ever been to! When Helsinki won the WorldCon bid, I know wasn't the only person who decided to go based on location alone (apparently, 3500 attendees were expected but 6000 showed up). Fortunately, as well as being a lovely city to visit, Helsinki knows how to put on a good con. I missed the first day, so my con started on the Thursday:
  2. My first panel was 'In Defense of the Unlikeable Heroine', with Thoraiya Dyer, Kameron Hurley, Alex Acks, Neal Williamson and Caroline Hooton (moderator).
  3. Next, I attended 'Non-binary Representation in Fiction' with D Franklin, Nino Cipri and Nick Hubble (moderator).