Contact 2016

A very awesome speculative fiction convention in Brisbane, Australia!


  1. I arrived in steamy Brisbane later than most, so I missed the Friday panels. As such, my first event was the Aurealis Awards on Friday evening. The full list of winners is already up so I won't reproduce that here, just a few highlights.
  2. It was an interesting experience to see the announcement of the category I judged (my first time doing so):
  3. I know I said no winners but Trent Jamieson was highly entertaining and he won two categories, so...
  4. After the glitz and glamour it was time to tackle a trope or two. Although the panel was small, it was great to see a discussion with such different points of view: Chris McMahon was a fan of the trope of 'the chosen one' while Thoraiya Dyer was less of one. (Sophie Overett moderated.)