Tips to Customizing an Engagement Ring


  1. The decision to design your own engagement ring is a tough one, but can reap rich rewards if executed correctly. The best benefit to designing your own engagement ring is that you ensure your fiancée get a one of a kind piece that she will be delighted to show off to family and friends without fear that it is a match to someone else’s. Just as you would choose a ring already available, you need to start by doing your research. Not only should you know about the different facets of choosing a suitable stone, but also the various design options you have. Educate yourself on some of the many jewelry design websites and browse online jeweler sites. Here you can get plenty of inspiration on what you would want done made up.

    Once you have the knowledge, do some reconnaissance on your fiancée, find out what colors she best loves and the kind of jewelry that makes her happy. It would be also a good idea to make use of one of her closest friends or family member in approving the final design, only if she can remain quiet about it. Take into consideration her taste when it comes to deciding on which stones to use, settings and even the metal in the band. You can make use of online jewelry sites to customize your design and get a rendition of what the final result will look like. While some do offer a customized service, it is recommend that you visit and actual jeweler. In this way you can get advice from a professional in finishing off the ring.

    Online services can however allow you to make a more informed choice based on pricing. Make sure to shop around for the most reputable jeweler. Seek advice from those who are already married and have frequented such establishments severally to identify the best pick. If not certain, simply check that they are properly accredited with a national jewelers association. The jeweler should provide a certificate on the ring and more precisely detailing the stones used in its making. Ensure that you give enough time for the ring to be done up and let them know if you want an inscription done early on. You may also see, engagement rings minneapolis for more useful information.

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