A conversation with @AmbrosiaX on Twitter

This is to document an ongoin conversation between me and @AmbrosiaX that begin on Twitter but moved elsewhere


  1. Prelude.

    This is what started it.

  2. Then this.

  3. I've not seem it at the time just some time latter at Butterflies&Wheels.

    Them the following came.

  4. It's in portuguese, my native language :
    "Hey man, don't know ya. I've only heard about you form the friend of mine @AmbrosiaX. In general, I think it's awkward and I preffer do not correct people over little english grammar mistakes but as it have to do with your professional presence on-line. I think it's good to recommend you to take a look at the translation here. You just have to use "Brazilian" and "based in". "
  5. "That's curious. You don't know me, neither do I you. But you've heard about me from a person I don't know either and felt motivated to came to correct my translation on Twitter. Cool. i'm very grateful. Surprised but grateful.
    And as we are here let me tell you that this friend of yours do have...issues. "Ethnic traitor"?"
    (this was a mistake of mine and latter I appologize to her for this unappropriate joke, but as I'd did the joke it's fair to keep it for documentation of the entire dialogue. Nothing to hide, even embarassing moments).
    Moving on.