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Uncoveringthe Mystery of an SEO Keyword

Once you understand what an SEO keyword is and how to use those words, you can extend your reach within a target market segment. Just remember that keyword quality receives better results that keyword quantity.


  1. You understand the value of words in the form of verbal and written communication. What you may not fully understand are SEO keywords and the important role those words play in your marketing practices.A Toronto SEO company can help shed some light on the crucial role these words have in expanding your reach within a particular target market segment.
  2. What is an SEO Keyword

    In a nutshell, an SEO keyword is a word or phrase that your target audience enters into a search engine box when conducting an online search for a particular topic of interest. When that same word or phrase exists in your website page content, the search engines place your company in front of that new audience. You can conduct market research to determine the keywords that your audience uses to find more information on a product, a service, or a company. Including these words or phrases on your website gives you a competitive advantage by earning a higher search results ranking. When you rank higher than the competition, your audience focuses on your page first and the competition second.
  3. Find Your Ideal Keywords

    Your target audience will not stick with a particular keyword or phrase for a long period of time. These words change as often as potential customers change their online search queries. The only way to stay on top of the relevant keywords for any length of time is to continually engage in market research. Routinely changing the keywords you place in your website content works to keep your site relevant to your industry as well. Using the same words all the time creates as tagnant website that customers will lose interest in and move on to your competition.
  4. Make the Keywords Work For You

    Finding the right keywords is only half of the battle. You need to have a plan in place to optimize those words and make them work for you and not against you. A Toronto SEO company can help you maximize the potential of the words that you select. They will take the keywords you want to use and break them into smaller, more manageable groups that help you stay relevant within your industry.