Our Mutual Friend Tweets: Part Eighteen

Charles Dickens's 'Our Mutual Friend', in tweets. Part of the Birkbeck Our Mutual Friend Reading Project: http://dickensourmutualfriend.wordpress.com/


  1. Welcome to another installment of Our Mutual Friend Tweets!
  2. We open this month with Lady Tippins perusing the beauty pages of her favourite magazine:
  3. Mortimer?
  4. But there is no response to Tippins's plea.
  5. Where can Eugene and Mortimer be?
  6. Elsewhere in Society, another character is also feeling somewhat melancholy:
  7. Glad to hear it, Mr V.
  8. Elsewhere, the Lammles pay Fledgeby a visit. They even give him a gift:
  9. Oof.
  10. Jenny Wren discovers young Fledgeby in a rather sorry state:
  11. Jenny realises that Fledgeby has been to blame for all of Pubsey and Co's dastardly dealings: