Our Mutual Friend Tweets: How It Should Have Ended

Charles Dickens's 'Our Mutual Friend', in tweets. Part of the Birkbeck Our Mutual Friend Reading Project: http://dickensourmutualfriend.wordpress.com/


  1. Following last month's dramatic final installment, some of our tweeters were a little dissatisfied with the way Mr D wrapped things up.
  2. So in a final bonus Storify, we bring you Our Mutual Friend Tweets: How It Should Have Ended!
  3. Take it away, Tippins:
  4. Sounds glorious, Tippins!
  5. Unfortunately for her, Eugene, Mortimer, and Lizzie have other ideas:
  6. Once ensconced in the lighthouse, our OT3 settle in to their new domestic bliss:
  7. Elsewhere in the Twittersphere, some characters have more humble hopes for their future...