Nuggets of advice from MT's Inspiring Women Conference 2013

We speak to some of the delegates to get their tips on everything from how to manage stress, getting the work/life balance right and how to manage teams.


  1. Alexis Rose, operations manager at Accenture explains how she stays sane
  2. Rachel Walters, engineering manager at Edrington, on how she stays sane juggling work/family
  3. Be kind to yourself, says Leatitia Dobson of Aviva
  4. Elizabeth Cater, senior marketing mng at Tesco, on work/life balance
  5. Take two hours out each week to be creative, says Lee Abbott of Accenture
  6. Polly McMaster, founder of The Fold on dealing with stress
  7. Clare Szurek of Entrepreneur's Circle offers advice for budding female entrepreneurs
  8. Laura Hall, director of communications at Kid&Coe on balancing her career and family
  9. What kind of manager is Lucy Murdoch, senior manager at Accenture? Find out here...