Why use Lexmark ID app to spot counterfeit cartridges?

A new app allows customers around the world to verify Lexmark branded inkjet cartridges on the spot using only their smartphone or tablet.

  1. We could drone on here for days about why you should use geniune Lexmark inks, but that's not what the conversation is about today.  Only you can make the choice of what ink to use for your printer and everyone has their own personal reason in doing so.  

    But when you do purchase Genuine Lexmark inks, you want to make sure that what you purchase is legit.  Here are five tips to ensure that you have or are about to purchase a genuine Lexmark cartridge and really the reason behind the Lexmark ID app.
  2. New Lexmark ID app spots counterfeit cartridges using your smartphone, tablet  http://www.buyerslab.com/Solutions/News/June-2012/New-Lexmark-ID-app-spots-counterfeit-cartridges-us .com/Solutions/News/June-2012/New-Lexmark-ID-app-spots-counterfeit-cartridges-us
  3. Price: If you think the price is too good to be true, it probably is. Be familiar with market prices for Genuine Lexmark cartridges before making a purchase.

    Point of Purchase: Make sure you buy products only from Lexmark or an authorized reseller or distributor. Be wary of international trade and auction web sites offering Lexmark cartridges.

    Packaging:  Packaging that appears to have been tampered with, re-taped, resealed or looks reused may not be a Genuine Lexmark product.

    Color Shifting Labels: Lexmark uses color shifting security labels on most of its printer supplies packaging to help you identify Genuine Lexmark products.

    Serial Numbers: Lexmark incorporates serial numbers on most of its printer supplies packaging. Serialization is a global track and trace system that provides beginning to end traceability of Lexmark, distributors and resellers and customers.
  4. Now customers can only use smartphone or tablet with the Lexmark ID app to know if they bought fake cartridges—...  http://fb.me/13PBwQ4xy xy

  5. Many have asked:  Why would I want to confirm a cartridge is a Lexmark original? Counterfeiters sometimes illegally reuse and refill Lexmark cartridges and package and sell them as original Lexmark goods. The origin and quality of these cartridges are unknown to the customer, and they can sometimes leak, run out after a few pages, not work at all or even damage a printer.  We want you to get what you pay for.

    Lexmark is focused on ensuring customers have an optimal experience. We want them to be confident that when they buy Lexmark cartridges, they have received genuine goods. That's why we introduced the Lexmark ID app last week.

    Watch a quick demonstration of this new solution below and let us know your thoughts on our new Lexmark ID app.
  6. The Lexmark ID app - Helping Customers to Identify Counterfeit Cartridges