BYOD? What's your take?

Buzz.Buzz.Buzz...Been reading and hearing a lot of chatter about the "phenomenon" of bringing your own devices to work, also known as BYOD (clever, eh?).


  1. Here's the official Wikipedia definition....
  2. Lots of pros and cons and debate, especially in IT departments.  Two articles that recently peaked my interest.  The first from Mashable about IT department concerns.  

  3. Why IT Departments Should Let Employees Use Their Own Devices
  4. The second from Tech Target which speaks specifically to the complexities of printing in an enterprise environment. Lexmark's Mark Vance weighs-in on the conversation.
  5. What do you think?  Should companies allow employees to use thier own devices at work?  Give us your opinion.
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  8. Here's a quick little video on why your enterprise should be ready.  
  9. BYOD: Is Your Enterprise Ready?
  10. For more information on Lexmark mobile printing solutions, click here