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Texan Tweeters: repeal health care, approve Keystone pipeline

Texas officials chimed in on a number of developing stories in Washington, D.C., today, including the Supreme Court's decision to rule on the Obama administration's health care overhaul and Obama's choice to delay the Keystone XL oil pipeline.


  1. Perry: "I’m hopeful the Supreme Court will confirm what other federal courts have already recognized: that Obamacare is an unprecedented overreach and an unconstitutional infringement upon individual liberties." 

    Abbott: "Given the substantial implementation costs associated with this 2,700-page law--and the unconstitutional mandate that it will impose on all Americans--we are pleased that the Supreme Court has moved quickly and agreed to hear this very important case." 
  2. On Keystone XL oil pipeline: 
  3. Canseco: "The Keystone Pipeline was a chance to create thousands of jobs while bringing more energy to markets to help lower the cost of energy. Yet, once again Obama has failed to deliver for the American people."