YAPG 2012

The Yorkshire Archaeology Postgraduate Group (YAPG) 2012 Conference

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  1. The YAPG conference was this year held in The King's Manor, the home of the Department of Archaeology at The University of York. Speakers and attendees had traveled from across Yorkshire including from the Universities of Leeds, Hull, Sheffield, Bradford and York. 
  2. The first session at YAPG2012 was an open session on Archaeological Science. This allowed for a wide range of papers on some very interesting subjects!
  3. Archaeological Science Session
  4. Eva Fairnell from The University of York, was chairing this session, as well as giving her paper, 'Fur-bearing species: reflections on a completed thesis, and what to do next!'. 
  5. Eva used her talk to discuss the problems of communicating your research, as many of the audience had only recently begun postgraduate research. The YAPG conferences offer a real opportunity for new researchers to present work to their peers for the first time.
  6. Next up was Elizabeth Wright from The University of Sheffield, discussing her research, 'The European Aurochs: an archaeological investigation of its evolution, morphological variability and response to human exploitation- some preliminary results'.
  7. Lizzie discussed the background to her study, and why a study of Aurochs is necessary. She outlined the data she has collected from bone samples across Europe and some preliminary results from these. Her research feeds into genetic and isotopic work, as well as creating a picture of climate change and geographical isolation throughout prehistoric Europe.
  8. Next up, Lee Broderick with his paper 'No bones about the South West' discussing his zooarchaeology research in South West England. 
  9. Lee outlined the potential of using zooarchaeology to add to the understanding of the historical South West, and the problems of accelerated decay of environmental data over the last 50 years.
  10. Next speaking was Harry Robson from The University of York with his paper, 'Eel fishing in the Late Mesolithic and the Early Neolithic: a preliminary report from the stratified kitchen midden at Hanø, Denmark'.