Questions for Dick Costolo at #ONA12

I asked Twitter followers what they wanted to hear from Twitter chief executive Dick Costolo about, and because Twitter is a powerful platform it came up with some good questions. Felix salmon and Jeff Jarvis quick off the mark with probably the two most important 'big picture' questions:


  1. More specifically, on free speech there was the lingering bad taste after the suspension of Independent journalist Guy Adams' account during the Olympics following criticism of NBC's coverage and the publication of an executives (public domain) work email address. the commercial partnership between the two outfits somehow made this worse.
  2. The 'big picture' questions all revolve around the transition from a very open platform to one which has recently sought to restrict access to developers and impose stricter guidelines on the use of its data through changes to its API .
    Twitter users have many questions relating to their own control of the platform:
  3. There were dozens of other good questions too: who is not currently on Twitter that he would like to see there? What does he think the most inspiring use of the platform has been?  I would like to know what his favourite story broken by Twitter is?   Ace interviewer and veteran of the media talking head inquisition Charlie Rose got to Dick a couple of days before the ONA 2012 conference. So I was able to follow (but not see!) some of the interview:
  4. (So no Twitter phones in the near future). 
  5. Here is a version of the interview from the Businessweek blog. The comments that 'Apple is our mentor' is going to make many think this is a real move towards closed and controlled systems.

  6. We all want to know what's next for Twitter, because it so fundamentally affects journalism now. If we want all these protections from prosecution and suspension, and we want  a free speech platform, then don't we really need another platform? Is it unfair to expect Twitter to be the platform of free expression and modern journalism when it is in fact just another company?