Ideas@Innovations Wrap-up #3

The Dragon capsule floated in space on its way to the International Space Station, Peter Thiel is singing a siren song to America's youth (according to Vivek Wadhwa) and 'CmdrTaco' offers his take on immortality. Yes, it's time -- yet again -- for the week that was in Innovation.


  1. Monday

  2. ICYMI: Our own Vivek Wadhwa was on CBS's 60 Minutes this past weekend. So, we, naturally, started the week with his follow-up on Peter Thiel's then-most recent appearance advocating for kids to reconsider going to college:
  3. We also couldn't resist bringing to your attention this wonderful piece from our esteemed colleague Joel Achenbach:
  4. And VentureBeat had the story about Reddit's latest gift-giving effort. Featuring Stephen Colbert for the win...
  5. Video of the Week: The "Sports-ageddon" conversion for the Kings-to-Lakers-to-Clippers. Have at it sports fans...

  6. STAPLES Center "Sports-ageddon" Conversion - LA KINGS to LAKERS to CLIPPERS
  7. Tuesday

  8. The day started at 2:30 in the morning, at which point I promptly made the Twitter error (hastily corrected) that the SpaceX launch was happening in 30 minutes, when I had the glory of a full hour's wait ahead of me. Well, it was worth it. The launch happened and Twitter was ablaze. I live blogged. It was, in the end, a great start to the day.
  9. Then, I started wondering about who, exactly was behind the launch. A note to NASA and SpaceX: more photos of your staff please. 
  10. Then our colleagues over at Wonkblog (in this case  Suzy Khimm, specifically) had this science fiction lover swooning by writing this beauty:
  11. And that brings us to the video of the day: The SpaceX launch was too obvious. Also, I'm a huge Great Gatsby fan. I am also a gigantic Baz Luhrmann fan. This means that this is where you will find me on Christmas Day -- experiencing sensory overload by watching a film where the extravagance of the story is matched only by that of the director.
  12. GREAT GATSBY Trailer (2012) Movie HD
  13. Wednesday

  14. It was mobile Wednesday! Okay, that's not really a thing for us, but we started the day with coverage of a new study from the Brookings Institution on mobile and the future of health care:
  15. Apple's Jonathan Ive is a knight now -- in addition to designing products that have people around the world lining up around block after block...after block...
  16. Rob Malda, aka "CmdrTaco," has a touching story of a short piece online and how the Internet grants us all immortality: