Ideas@Innovations Wrap Up #1:

The week of May 7 for The Washington Post's Ideas@Innovations -- where it's all about what's next.


  1. So, I've decided that Storify is the new newsletter -- easily shared, linked to and spread around the Web. As someone who receives far more e-mail than I can possibly read, I figure this is the best way to wrap up what we were up to on Ideas@Innovations. If you prefer a traditional e-mail, well, sorry. 

    So, here goes the story wrap-up for the week of May 7: 
  2. MONDAY - MAY 7

  3. We started the week with a piece from our colleagues over at WaPo Labs on how Disney, thanks to the development of new, more sensitive touch-based technology, may be on to something with those dancing brooms:
  4. Then we rounded out the day with a guest blog post from filmmaker and writer Amanda Lin Costa, covering "Story Hack: Beta," where adults had a stroty-time sleepover at Lincoln Center. But this wasn't your parents' storytelling session. Instead, this was a Red Bull-swilling crowd of people ready to blow the lid on one of the most basic aspects of the human condition: storytelling.
  5. The interesting read came via The Wall Street Journal where I discovered that, to Facebook, I'm worth just over $80. 
  6. -
  7. The video of the day is the official music video for Delta Heavy. Full disclosure, we discovered this via PSFK on Wednesday. We know, #TimelineFail:
  8. Delta Heavy - Get By (Official Video)
  9. TUESDAY - May 8

  10. On Tuesday, it was all about patent trolls. The Post's Vivek Wadhwa writes that these patent enforcing, non-producing entities are similar to the gangsters of the 1930s, holding up smaller, fledgling companies while the larger corporate behemoths use patents as offensive and defensive weapons against one another.
  11. Our partners over at Venture Beat offered up an interesting read on how to hire the best talent in the word. Here's a hint, stop worrying about physical geography: 
  12. Here's the video of the day, via Devour (man, can't get enough of that site). And who doesn't need to know this:
  13. How To Survive A Robot Uprising (aka Robopocalypse)
  14. Oh, and did Abraham Lincoln file a patent for Facebook? 
  15. That brings us to...

  17. Ha ha! No! Lincoln did not invent Facebook, and that's according to the guy who wrote the piece saying he did: 
  18. But we didn't end there. As a matter of fact, this is where we started for the day: SWAG. That's right "stuff we all get" has, at least in one case, turned into stuff we all (at) Apple get: