Jeff Jarvis on his BBC rant

Asked to appear on a BBC report on the recent Facebook hack, Jeff Jarvis went on a rant. And then continued to rant on Twitter. So I asked him about it, and he responded. Here is how it happened:


  1. On Friday, Facebook disclosed some details of a few internal laptops that were hacked via a malware link, emphasizing that no user information was compromised. USAToday gave it a bit of space and linked the story to recent hacks at the New York Times and WSJ.
  2. It being Facebook, a platform with 1 billion users, the BBC decided to run a segment on it that evening. They invited Jeff Jarvis, journalism professor and head of, who made his intentions clear on Twitter, and even clearer on air.
  3. Jeff Jarvis has a Technopanic™
  4. After Jarvis was taken off the air for his rant and the language he used, the influential journo took to Twitter to continue his rant against the BBC, attacking not just its news judgment in running the story but also the decision to take him off the air and apologize to viewers for his language, which included the words "crap" and "BS". Multiple times.
  5. Pretty soon, the Twitterverse was buzzing - not about the Facebook story, but about Jarvis's reaction to it on air and after. He engaged with many of the people critiquing or supporting him.
  6. Eventually, Jeff Jarvis went to sleep. Probably the smartest move of the evening, though he couldn't avoid one last dig.
  7. The next morning the story was still alive and well. Some supported his awesomeness, but most pointed to the fact that his rant was way out of proportion.