A CS Lewis Oxbridge 2014 story

The CS Lewis Foundation runs a triennial Summer Institute in Oxford and Cambridge. This is a collection of stories and impressions from 10 days of intellectual engagement, heartfelt fellowship, learning, and enjoying the beauty and history of these majestic cities.


  1. The first conference participants to arrive whet the anticipation of people on their way from overseas. Many are reunited with old friends. Many new friendships will begin.
  2. John Pritchard, Bishop of Oxford, keynotes the inaugural gathering of the 2014 institute, with a sermon entitled with the words of CS Lewis, "By It I See Everything Else".

    The theme for Oxbridge 2014 is, "Reclaiming the Virtues: Human Flourishing in the 21st Century".
  3. Tuesday 22nd July is the first full day of the programme. For many, proceedings open with song from the Summer Institute Chorale, a parallel programme that gathers master choristers under the baton of John Dickson (primarily, as members participate as conductors as well). Mornings are structured with worship, keynote speakers, and shorter interludes beginning with a meditation, and including highlights on the work of the CS Lewis Foundation, and a whimsical performance after refreshments.
  4. Four of the afternoons, including that of Tuesday in Oxford, are "break out" for smaller seminars and workshops. A variety of programmes are on offer. Many are based on the theme of "reclaiming the virtues", a number have connections with literary insight and discussion of the works of Lewis, Tolkien and their circle of friends, the Inklings, and some are creative workshops such as writing and sketching.
  5. Evenings have a merry and spectacular programme of entertainment and arts. Dancing commences with the Mellstock Band in Oxford Town Hall.