SUA Vegetarianism and Veganism Food Event

The SUA team partnered with KU Dining to offer free vegetarian and vegan options from The Market in the Union. Mary Rondon, a KU Dining dietician, answered questions about vegetarian and vegan options at KU.


  1. The SUA team members were poised and ready to serve hungry students.
  2. I ran into Christina Ostmeyer, a sophomore from Colby, who isn't a vegetarian, but tries to eat as few meat products as possible.
  3. The SUA member on the left said he's "90 percent vegetarian" because it's healthier.
  4. All of the dining options were direct from The Market, a dining center on the third floor of the Union.
  5. Mary Rondon arrived to answer students' questions about vegetarian food on campus. She gave me a lot of great information throughout the event.
  6. Here's the link to NetNutrition at KU (above).
  7. (That's awesome! I had no idea.)
  8. The scent of free food drew a few students from around the Union.
  9. Annie Mathies, an SUA coordinator, recently became pescetarian.
  10. More food = more students.