Questions To Ask From Your Hygienist


  1. Whether you are going to a dentist for the first time or you have been a regular client, there are a few questions that you need to ask from your dentist every time you visit his/her office. The purpose of asking these questions is to ensure that you have up to date information about the advancements in the dental industry. Furthermore, the answers to these questions are going to tell you about your current situation. And sometimes, your questions may draw the dentist’s attention to a matter which otherwise wouldn’t be considered in the treatment.
  2. Are my medications up to date?

  3. You may forget about telling your dentist about the change in medication since last visit. There can be any medical condition due to which you may have to add some more medicines in your chart. Make sure that you show this chart to your dentist and ask about the validity of medication. Furthermore, there may be advancement in the dental treatment. Such treatment usually follows by a change in medicine. So if you ask this question to your dentist, the dentist may suggest you a change in medication.
  4. Things I can do to improve my oral health

  5. While general recommendations for the oral health are same, you need to ask your dentist about maintaining your oral health given the fact that dental treatments are usually followed by some careful dealings which the patients need to consider. The dentist would know about the specific issues of your mouth and he/she is the better person to tell you what you can do to maintain your oral health in an ideal way. Even if you do not have any dental issue, you still need to ask this question because you never know if you are unaware of any aspect related to oral health maintenance.
  6. Is there anything which I should tell my family doctor?

  7. Oral health is pretty much related to overall health. Hence, if there is any issue related to your oral health, your family doctor needs to know about it. The reason is that the effects of dental medication can sometimes negate the effects of medication for other health condition and vice versa. So, you need to ask your dentist if you should tell your doctor about your oral health condition. That would ensure that everyone monitoring your health is on the same page.
  8. Do I have sores, bleeding or bumps in my mouth?

  9. When you get your gums bleeding while brushing or flossing, it may be the sign of gum disease which can be acute or chronic. Similarly, any bumps and sore can represent the existence of infection or even cancer. Therefore, alerting your dentist about the bleeding, sores or bumps in your mouth is the first thing you should consider in the appointment after you notice these things.
  10. Questions You Should Ask Your Dentist