Knowledge Management Seminar, Univ of Johannesburg. 26 July 2012

What is your knowledge management story? We are the storytellers of our own profession, and we can create our own legend. Or we can allow others to tell our story. Or there is just no story that we tell?


  1. Luis Suarex struggled to get people to understand why they should 'do' social media. He then started a story - A World Without E-Mail. You;ll find the episodes of this series on his blog. You can also follow updates and share your story about 'Living a world without e-mail" on Twitter - search for #lawwe (!/search/%23lawwe )
  2. We need to be knowledge troubadours, also when we create and spread the knowledge management story in our organisations.

    "The troubadour search, navigate, travel to find new themes, and connect these themes, and present/communicate these in such a way that others could find meaning from it."