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@JamesDelingpole gets confused!

A little story for big children.

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  1. @JamesDelingpole is feeling a little confused, so he decides he'll seek wisdom on Twitter...
  2. Will anyone hear his cry for help? Will anyone care enough to answer? Yes! Yes! @JamesWillby can help!
  3. But this information simply leaves @JamesDelingpole more confused...
  4. Luckily, @JamesWillby is full of kindness, and patient with the slow to learn, so he provides more detail...
  5. Oh dear, not an answer @JamesDelingpole likes! "Nah Nah Nah Can't hear you!"
  6. After all his efforts, @JamesWillby is not entirely impressed:
  7. But @JamesDelingpole continues his ceaseless troll for answers, answers to the questions which trouble his brane...
  8. Oh, internets! You are so full of the kindest people who's only wish is to enlighten the fact-challenged, no matter how deranged!
  9. Ouch! That hurts, because @JamesDelingpole only reads the comments section under the bile he spews in The Telegraph...
  10. Poor @KAlmsivi is not too impressed either, but at least he took time to read your Twitter profile, Kane!
  11. But has anyone answered his original question? Oh please! Won't someone soothe his fevered brow?
  12. @Iceman_cometh1 thinks he knows a thing or two: