A quick look at how the web responded to the earthquake

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  1. Was there an earthquake on the East Coast or something?

    Twitter reported that within a minute of today's earthquake, it saw 40,000 earthquake-related tweets, at a rate of 5,500 tweets per second. That's about the same pace as just after the earthquake in Japan -- and more so than after Osama Bin Laden's death.

    Here are some of the amusing posts making the rounds:

  2. It isn't clear where this photo first surfaced, but it's been widely circulated on Twitter and Facebook. One version includes the headline, "We Will Rebuild!" Another said, "Never forget."

  3. There were also a lot of references to the John Cusack apocolypse film "2012."

  4. Of course the West Coast couldn't resist giving the East Coast some gentle ribbing:

  5. The East Coast gave some back.