WARNING: Convergence is coming

A simple once upon a time and final happily ever after is all it took, but the modern age has transformed the art of storytelling into a technological wasteland.

  1. Journalistic practice and methods of news gathering, production and distribution are being redefined and applied in a contemporary era. These radical advancements in technology have allowed for a heightened convergence to take place, questioning both the role of the journalist and their traditional forms of storytelling.
  2. Thus the domino effect ensues, challenging the ways in which our audience also receives their information.
  3. With this being said, technology has been assessed as the 'catalyst for change' in the journalistic profession attempting to survive with society's changing values. So who is to blame, the chicken or the egg?
  4. Then to add more fire to the flame, what may have once been completed by a team of audio, visual and text professionals is now undertaken by a single person. Such convergence and multimedia practices have become so common that certain theories of 'Backpack Journalism'
  5. Backpack Journalism-Equipment List
  6. and 'Smartphone Journalism' have emerged.
  7. Smartphone Journalism: The Changing Face of News
  8. It has been suggested that increasing demands created by such roles create a more pressured working environment, consequently diminishing the quality and standards of their work, creating mistake after mistake...
  9. The advent of technology seemingly has placed unprecedented demands on the journalist and changed the creative and analytical aspects of gathering and producing the elements of a good story.
  10. With this being said, there are some that lavish in all the glory multimedia has to offer.
  11. Arguing that multimedia technlogies have simplified the process of storytelling, only adding more apples to their basket. Though the question remains, are contemporary practices a complement to mainstream media or a threat to traditional forms of journalism?
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