Did You Hear?

You better start listening, thing's are changing.

  1. Emerging technological advancements changing the methods of journalistic practice is not a topic we are particularly foreign to. The methods of collecting, producing and distributing news stories has been significantly altered from a traditional pen and paper approach, to a more dynamic and animated process involving different multimedia devices. As such, the modern journalist has been seen to utilise their smart phones in producing audio material and conducting interviews.
  2. Designed for apple devices, the Voice Recorder HD is utilised for audio recording, playback, trimming and sharing. Not only does it provide unlimited recording time and is extremely quick and easy to use, the application is excellent in sharing interview and audio material across multiple devices, dropbox and uploading directly to SoundCloud. Added to this, the application further features specific enhancements such as boosting audio, an M4A Converter and playback controls- a perfect utility.
  3. The application also supports an external mic to record long distance sounds, ideal for journalists in the field. In particular, the Mikey Digital captures pristine recordings of audio for video, podcasts and interviews. The greatest benefit, is that this external mic is completely portable and easy to use wherever inspiration strikes, just plug in and go, anywhere and anytime.
  4. Blue Mikey Digital Review (Lightning Version)
  5. It’s evident that the smart phone and it's applications are becoming the journalist’s most favourite companion in the field.
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