Healthy Ways to Lose 30 Pounds in a Month


  1. 07 February, 2017 – Authority Health, anonline magazine, that publishes articles related to weight loss, dieting,natural nutrition and beauty care products has written an article on how youcan lose 30 pounds in 30 days.
    Obesity and overweightness is a globalissue, and each year more and more people are suffering from this seriousmalady. Extensive research has shown that obesity is a risk factor for atremendous amount of diseases. People are overweight or obese have a lower lifeexpectancy, are more prone to serious cardiovascular and metabolic diseases,and even cancerous states. If you add the stigma that comes to beingoverweight, you understand how serious this is. Actually, people that areoverweight are usually less self-confident, and therefore their professionaland private life suffers. It is no wonder why there are so many resources andproducts online, and unfortunately, a lot of them are hoaxes, and they only tryeither to sell you a bad product or get the clicks for their ads. There is evenmore fake info about how to lose 30 pounds in a month, and many promotedangerous information.
    Authority Health have created an article onhow to lose 30 pounds in 30 days in a safe manner and without seriousrepercussions. Firstly, you should note, that losing 30 pounds in 30 days is asudden change for your body, and you will need to get through harsh dieting andself-discipline, however, this is entirely possible. The goal is to lose 1pound per day, to decrease the calorie intake up to 1200 while engaging in fatburning workouts. Grapefruit is an important ingredient in this diet, as it wasproven that it promotes the metabolism of fats inside the fatty cells. You canincrease the intake of proteins and fiber, but avoid soda drinks, any sweetenedbeverages and processed food. You should take notice of what you are putting inyour mouth. As you can probably see, it is quite complicated, but doneproperly, you can lose 30 pounds in a month without any bad consequences.
    Avoid extreme dieting advices that you canfind on the internet on how to lose 30 pounds in a month, because they can bedangerous, just follow the tips from Authority Health.
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