Does Leptigen Really Work?


  1. Leptigen is a new dietary supplement that promises to help people looking to lose weight. When one follows the manufacturer's directions, the product claims to effectively accelerate weight loss in a safe manner. Leptigen uses a formulation of a few natural ingredients.

    How Leptigen Works

    Meratrim, a proprietary ingredient, is the supplement's main component that's comprised of other unique sub-components. The two main ones include garcinia mangostana and Sphaeranthus indicus. The former is a natural stress-relieving remedy which is relatively popular while garcinia mangostana is a mangosteen extract usually used to suppress appetite.

    A combination of caffeine and meratrim makes up the supplement's basic formula. The manufacturer claims that this creates an effective, safe weight loss remedy. This combination facilitates higher production of leptin, a substance that boosts metabolism thus enhancing weight loss. The supplement allegedly works by accelerating the body's rate of burning fat which not only helps one lose weight, but also increases their energy levels.

    According to the manufacturer, meratrim's effectiveness is backed by a number of published studies. This somehow offers the supplement a scientific backing. For a deeper insight into the clinical studies, one can check the manufacturer's website or an unbiased leptigen review.

    Leptigen Side Effects

    Leptigen appears to have minimal side effects. While a few complaints have surfaced, they have been attributed to the presence of caffeine, a substance known to increase energy production. Additionally, the supplement also contains chromium which regulates insulin and enhances metabolism. These, together with meratrim, collectively make up a highly effective weight loss solution.

    Being a proprietary product, Leptigen can only be found at the manufacturer's website. As mentioned, the scientific evidence to prove the supplement's effectiveness can also be found here. Although the product is significantly expensive in comparison to similar weight loss products, one could be persuaded to consider it due to the credibility provided by the studies that allegedly back its claims.
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