Facts burning a hole in Rep. Rohrabacher's denial

Amidst one of the worst wildfire seasons in CA history, California Rep. (and House Science Committee member) Dana Rohrabacher dismissed efforts to confront climate change and wildfire danger, and called global warming a "total fraud." Then he personally attacked me for calling him out with facts!


  1. In midst of scary wildfire season, Rep. Rohrabacher dismisses concerns and denies the problem with conspiracy theories. 
  2. Like others, I was pretty astonished given how many Californians have been effected by fires already this year. So I signed the petition asking him to apologize.
  3. Then this happened, in a place I've been going every summer for the last 25 years. 
  4. California's climate-change-fueled drought no doubt loaded the dice for a fire of this magnitude.
  5. Taking a nod from 350.org's campaign, I thought perhaps we could name this disaster after a climate denier.
  6. Rep. Rohrabacher finally replied. Good question but...
  7. ...not necessarily accurate, according to Cal Fire data.
  8. Which apparently makes me a shameless fear monger!
  9. Which didn't quite seem the point.
  10. When he gets called out on his ad hominem attack, he trots out a trusty old formal deductive fallacy. aka nonsense.
  11. He objected to this as misquoting. (Lucky I left the orgy part alone!)