Police Move to Clear Occupy Wall Street

NYPD moved in at around 1a.m. on Tuesday and swiftly evicted OWS protesters from their Zuccotti Park base. People are now congregating at Foley Square instead. This Storify shows how Occupy Wall Street turned into Occupy Foley Square overnight. But more importantly, what's next for the movement?


  1. Watch livestream here:
  2. 11235 viewers on OWS raid livestream right now.
  3. Livestream is down now, showing past footage.
  4. Livestream is back online.
  5. Protesters chant: "The whole world is watching! The whole world is watching!"

    A female protester shouts: "DON'T TOUCH THEM!!!!"
  6. We have hit 14,000 viewers on livestream now, cool.

  7. And they sing sarcastically: "If you bullshit and you know it clap your hands..." *clap clap*

  8. Follow @columbiajourn student Adam McCauley for updates, he is at the scene: