Distributors That Can Save Retailers Money

Distributors can save retailers money in other ways than just providing bulk merchandise at wholesale pricing.


  1. Distributors can save retailers money in other ways than just providing bulk merchandise at wholesale pricing. A wide selection of available products can save retailers money because they will not have to spend extra time going to separate distributors. Ambar Distributors, for example, distributes wholesale consumer electronics in Miami. Their selection do not just include computers, gaming consoles, televisions, and home theater equipment. It also includes air conditioners, fans, irons, and personal care electronics. Ambar Electronic Distributors also offers kitchen appliances such as blenders, microwaves, rice cookers, toaster ovens, compact freezers and refrigerators, and sandwich griddles. Finding everything electronic in one place saves businesses time and shipping costs.

    Effective and efficient customer service can also save retailers money when dealing with distributors. Getting questions answered regarding items helps retailers decide which products to feature in their stores or departments. Customer service representatives who are knowledgeable about the electronics offered by the distributor can make a difference in the quantity of sales for the company and the degree of profit for the retailer. Personalized attention eliminates putting the retailer on hold and wasting their time. An efficient ordering and processing system that can be accessed by phone, fax, or internet allows retailers to maintain their desired levels of inventory at any of their locations. Retailers know how valuable that is to their business. Not having products in stock when a consumer wants to purchase can lose revenue, not only once, but also in the future if that consumer buys all their electronics elsewhere.

    Updating and growing the number of products from name brand manufacturers is another way distributors can save businesses money. That practice ensures that retailers can fill consumer demands for the latest technology. Retailers can sell top brands for higher prices and increase their profit margin. Leading distribution companies, like Ambar Wholesale Consumer Electronic Distributor, for example, carry all the top name brands to give retailers plenty of choices for product selection. Kitchen appliances by manufacturers like Magic Chef, Hamilton Beach, Westinghouse, Oster, and Proctor Silex are more likely to sell than no-name brands. When consumers shop for computers and smart-phones, they want items made by Apple, Dell, and Acer. Televisions and DVD players sell for higher prices if they are made by LG, Toshiba, Sony, or Samsung. Providing a wide selection of products, top brand manufacturers, low shipping costs, and excellent customer service are ways distributors can save retailers money beyond bulk wholesale pricing.