The worst news-themed April Fool's Day pranks of 2012

There were some awesome April Fool's Day pranks coming out of newsrooms this year, from Conan O'Brien taking over Mashable to The Next Web saying it was going to a pay-to-view model. Then there were the ones that bombed. Here are a few of them.


  1. The Offending Newsroom: The Daily Free Press

  2. The Prank: Boston University's student newspaper, The Daily Free Press, ran its annual print-only April Fool's edition on Monday, April 2. Many of the columns made light of rape, a sensitive subject on campus after two BU hockey players were charged a few months ago. The paper ended up issuing an apology. 
  3. Here's another great Storify about the entire debacle. 
  4. The Offending Newsroom: Forbes

  5. The Prank (Note: Story was taken down)
  6. Forbes blogger Len Burman wrote a story with the headline "Romney Drops Out of Race." Forbes took it down after the story topped Google News. 
  7. The Offending Newsroom: Onward State

  8. The Prank 
  9. From the same newsroom that prematurely claimed Joe Paterno's death comes another gem. This time, the editors of the Penn State student blog "Onward State" decided it would be funny to "report" the death of a former editor. (Yes, it was the same editor who said Paterno had died.)
  10. The Offending Newsroom: The Ontario (Wis.) County Line

  11. The Prank