New 'Detropia' film appears to draw mostly positive reviews on eve of Detroit premiere

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  1. I don't know if this doc is interesting to me being a native of the Detroit area, but I want to see this.
  2. “Detropia,” a lyrical film about the destruction of a great American city, is the most moving documentary the writer has seen in years. The city is Detroit and the film, made by Rachel Grady and Heidi Ewing (who is a native), is both an ardent love letter to past vitality and a grateful salute to those who remain in place. “Detropia” has its share of forlorn images, yet the filmmakers are so attuned to color and to shape that the writer was amazed by the handsomeness of what he was seeing. This is a beautiful film. Ruins, of course, often strike us as magnificent. In “Detropia,” we’re looking at American ruins, and we feel awe, but here it’s mixed with disbelief and shock. This city didn’t fall victim to warfare or weather. It was abandoned. Read more 
  3. "'Detropia' is a haunting, beautiful and tragic portrait of contemporary Detroit, a city that exemplifies the lost American century in many ways, for good and for ill—and a city whose sad fate once looked like an aberration and now looks like a harbinger."
  4. A midst the suspense that's building up to DETROPIA's release here in the Metro Detroit Area, this less serious Detroit film looks like a fun one 
  5. I still find it hard to fathom what happened to the city I spent so much of my misspent youth hanging out in....  "You can buy a beautiful, beautiful mansion in the Boston-Edison district, where all the auto company executives used to live, for $139,000. An absolutely incredible house, still with all the mahogany banisters and chandeliers. But you better not need the police, and I’m not joking. You better know how to use a shotgun."