2016 NYCDOE Tech Summit

The largest gathering of nerds since this time last year.


  1. The fun started weeks before the summit, LiveCube was up and active everyday leading up to the big day. Attendees previewed the workshops and created a schedule that no one kept to.
  2. The Day of the Summit dawned bright and very warm...

  3. "Selfie to the Summit" tweets came from near and far...
  4. The hallways and vendors sections were packed. High quality swag was going fast.
  5. Attendees checked into the Social Media Cafe to get their Twitter Scavenger Hunt instructions before heading into the auditorium to hear the opening remarks and keynote speech.
  6. Jane Pook, Chief Digital Communications Officer at the NYCDOE welcomed everyone.
  7. Let the Summit Games begin!
  8. Chancellor Farina shared inspiring words that the crowd ate up.