Register with Macy’s and get Star Rewards

Macy’sStar is basically a large chain of departmental store which is established in United Stated. It was founded in 1858 in New York. Macy generally deals withvarious products such as foot wear, clothing, house wear, cosmetics and much more.


  1. Benefits Of Macy's Star Rewards

  2. You can make an online shopping of these items if you are having an account. You can easily generate a profile for getting rewards by Macy’s star. This is apromotional program through which registered members will become able to win rewards of star. You can register yourself with this account by following given below set of instructions.
  3. Pre-requisite:

    Before starting to create an account one have to keep fewdetails in hand.

    · You have to be at least eighteen years old toapply for star rewards
    · You need to have Macy’s American Expressaccount.
    · Your yearly spending rate should be $500-999.
  4. Detailed Guidelines to Enroll with Macy and get Star Rewards:

    · First of all you have to turn your PC on andopen internet browser which you are using currently.

    · Type Url of website into address bar of browserand click on button of “Go”

    · Link of website is given here 

    · After accessing home of website you have to addlog in details in marked fields as directed only if you are a registeredmember.

    · Add user name and password in marked blanks andclick on button of “Sign in” to get access to profile but if you are a new member and you don’t have account thenhit click over “Create Account” option to start the process of enrollment.

    · Now you have to input User name, zip code andpassword in marked field.

    · Select a security question and give answer tothat question accurately.

    · Add your date of birth in next marked fieldalong with account number and SSN (Social Security Number) in relevant blanks.

    · Click on check box only if you want to receiveMacy’s alerts and you will get a message with in forty eight hours.

    Once you have created a profile then click onoption of rewards in order to get them and click on button of “Enter” at theend to submit the form
  5. Check out Macy's employeeconnection step by step guide to learn how to use Insite and see all benefits listed there and get useful information about company.