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#NeighbourHoodie Urban Intervention for TILT City

My story of a crazy day on Nov 4, 2015 where I joined a team to create an awesome urban intervention for "TILT City: Engaging the Streets" and then in the afternoon moderated a panel on the topic of Social Innovation in City Building.


  1. SFU Public Square, HCMA Architecture + Design and TILT Curiosity Labs cohosted this one-day event on November 4, 2015 called TILT City: Engaging the Streets. The event was a huge success and brought together 100+ attendees from various backgrounds who spent their day in teams developing temporary urban interventions that were launched in the afternoon. After sharing each team's experiences over cocktails and snacks, everyone headed over to We The City: An Evening at the Centre featuring Candy Chang, Teju Cole, Buffy Saint-Marie, and Mo Dhaliwal.
  2. The process for selecting the sites for the urban interventions was brilliant. We threw darts at a large map of Vancouver. The team's dart thrower then randomly picked an envelope that had anywhere from $0 to $200 cash for materials costs. My team got $120. Printing was free thanks to the printer sponsor.
  3. I was part of my friend Marten Sims' team, Team 12. We created a fun urban intervention called #NeighbourHoodie at the corner of Cambie and Water St, which was a large bright blue felt poncho for 7 people to keep people warm and encourage social interaction and bonding. People loved it and we had a blast making it. We created a logo and some signage, as well as some chalk messaging on the sidewalks leading up to it with the words "getting warmer".
  4. Here's us in Dressew, working out the design options:
  5. Selecting the fabric
  6. Cutting the holes...
  7. Chalk messaging leading up to the installation
  8. And here it is in its glory!