Does teaching require a sense of humor?


  1. Humor is the best way to let students know that learning can be fun and that they will learn through laughter. Plus it keeps the classroom environment extremely positive so students will do more for you. Be kind and mindful to not cross the lines though, not every student agrees on what is funny.
  2. It doesnt require a sense of humor, but it is useful. If youre able to laugh at yourself, you not only going to be a great person in front of those kids but you may deflect those personal attacks initiated by some in the student body that think theyre all that and a bag of chips. (Class clowns) beat them at their own game and youll have classroom management restored!
  3. Always by accident! I'm never funny on purpose, but I laugh at myself all the time, and the kids think I'm crazy, but it's fun. And it let's them know I'm human and it's ok to make mistakes.
  4. Humor is essential, but sarcasm is not. It is important for teachers to know the difference. Even if that is the humor your students use. Sarcasm will inevitably cause problems when it comes from a teacher.